There are a lot of games to play on Android however, we can find ourselves bored of playing the same type of games over and over. This is why Android made it possible to play games from the past and provide users with a special platform where they can play games developed for such consoles as Nintendo and Game Boy Advance.

Playing old-fashioned games using an Android device is now possible. All you have to do is download an emulator and game ROMs to become the coolest retro-gamer that has ever existed.

Download the Emulator Android

It is legal to download an emulator to play Nintendo and GBA games through Google Play. Launch this app and look for the emulator you want to play retro games. Google Play offers many excellent emulators. Still, if you are hesitant about downloading an emulator or do not know which one to choose, you may want to familiarize yourself with the opinions of other users about the emulators they’ve tried.

Downloading Android Game Roms

The ROM images (or ROM files) are save files created by computers that hold the information of a particular video game’s read only memory chip.Read about At website These files are made by players and distributed to other gamers who enjoy retro games via the Internet. You can then search the web for the game you’d like to play on your emulator. Still, although there are numerous websites that claim that their collection of ROMs are the most comprehensive available on the internet, it is important to use only reliable websites. Coolrom, EmuParadise and Royal ROMs have a range of ROMs that appeal to all tastes, including SNES, NDS and VBA ROMs. There are a variety of ROMs that are good on the sites listed.

  • For instance, if Pokemon Leaf Green is what you are looking for, you can use the Internet to find the ROMs. Simply type “Pokemon Leaf Green ROMs” into the search bar and avail yourself of the yielded results to download your desired games ROMs.
  • generally includes games. You can browse the various lists until you find the one that interests you. To download the game, you’ll need to click it. Shortly after, the game will be located in the default Downloads directory.

Emulator BIOS

You’ll need to install the BIOS in order to make sure that your ROMs run properly. If you have the VisualBoy Advance emulator you will need to search for “VisualBoy Advance BioS” accordingly. After you’ve decided the file you want to download, be sure to click on it and then wait until the download is completed.

Launching Emulator

Next, launch your emulator. Just tap on the emulator icon on your home screen, and then wait for the program to load. Once the program opens, it will ask you to upload the downloaded BIOS. Use your emulator to locate the BIOS file you require (defaultly it’s within the Download folder of your device’s internal memory). Tap on it.

  • It may be necessary to go through the steps of locating the BIOS files again in certain instances.

The launch of the games on ROM

The program will then inquire about the game’s ROM (or game file) you’d like to download at any moment. To locate the desired game, you can use the file navigator tool. If you have not moved it to a different location it will be found within the Downloads directory. Select the ROM you want to open.

Only now is it to get the basics down, and then you’ll be playing your favorite Retro game for Android.

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