There are many games that are available on Android and we often find ourselves bored playing the same types of games all the time. Android makes it possible to play retro console-style games. This gives users an exclusive platform that lets users to play games developed for consoles such as Nintendo and Game Boy Advance.

Now, you can start playing your favorite retro games on any Android device you have available. All you need is an emulator and game-ROMs to be the coolest retro-gamer you’ve ever met.

The download of the Emulator for Android

Google Play offers legal downloads of emulators that can run Nintendo and GBA gaming consoles. Start the application, and then search it for the emulator to play your retro games. Google Play contains many great emulators. But, it is always possible to consult other users’ reviews on emulators to help decide if an emulator is right for you.

Downloading Game ROMs for Android

ROM images or ROM files are computer save files that contain data from the memory chips that read-only play a video game. The files are distributed by gamers who enjoy retro games on the Internet and created by players.Join Us website You can search the internet for the file you’re searching for using your emulator. Despite many websites claiming their ROM collection is the most comprehensive, be cautious and only trust reliable sites. Coolrom, EmuParadise and Royal ROMs provide a wide selection of ROMs for any taste, such as SNES, NDS and VBA ROMs. Don’t hesitate to go to the sites listed for a list for a good ROM.

  • For instance, if are eager to try your hand at Pokemon Leaf Green, you will want to find the games ROMs via the Internet. You can search for Pokemon Leaf Green ROMs simply by entering the name into the search box.
  • frequently lists games. It is possible to locate the game you’re seeking by scrolling down the lists of games. In order to download the game,, you have to click on it. The game will be available in the default folder Downloads.

How do you get BIOS for your Emulator

Be sure to download the BIOS to your emulator to make your ROMs run properly. You’ll have to search for the “VisualBoy Advance” BIOS if you have the VisualBoy Advance. After you’ve found the file you’d like to download, ensure to tap it. The download will take place.

The Launch of the Emulator

The next step is launching your emulator. Click the emulator icon at the top right corner of the screen. Wait for the program to finish loading. After the program has started it will ask you to provide the downloaded BIOS. Find the required file through your emulator. It should be located within the Download folder on your device’s internal memory. Press it.

  • In some situations it is possible to be required to restart the procedure of finding the BIOS files.

The games are launched in ROM

Then, the program will ask for the game’s ROM file (game) you would like to play right now. So, you may want to avail yourself of the tool for file navigation to locate the game you’re looking for that is in the Downloads folder, if you haven’t moved it, obviously. After you’ve found the ROM you’d like to play click on it.

The only thing to do is master the controls and start playing your most loved retro Android game.

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